As a result of our continuous strives for improvements, we are proudly present our new product


MixQuick: Premium Grade Multipurpose Quick set tile mortar for interior and exterior applications, high performance polymer modified, non-sagging thin-set mortar for porcelain and ceramic tile, high dry polymer content to provide superior and exceptional bond strength and flexibility. Try our new product and feel the difference.



the continued commitment to support customers’ needs, we would like to introduce our newest products
Acrymix-G, Acrymix-M and Acrymix HP high performance and quality acrylic based tile adhesive with high bond strengths which offer superior adhesion for ceramic and porcelain tiles for walls or floors installations. (Coming Soon)



We are always able to respond to specific customers’ needs, thanks to our R&D team for turning technical knowledge into solutions.
MIX-CAN applies the latest technology and continuous R&D to formulate its products.

Our new product


MixLite: Premium grade polymer lightweight tile mortar is dedicated to MIX-CAN latest and greatest technology and it will be available in the market very soon!